Episode 1: How fake is the life of Ugandan musicians?

Its very unfortunate that we are living in an era characterised by fakeness.

The fakeness has spread to sectors from education, lifestyle, politics but most importantly I am here for our dear fake musicians.

Let me take this opportunity and chance to put their fakeness to the rightful place.

I personally have had chance to interact with these musicians one on one through my journalism platform from howwe.biz (biggest entertainment website in East Africa) but on several occasions, I have been disappointed by their drug addictions, inability to work under sober minds and the “fake good life” they show us on TV.

Facts first and straight, These musicians live a typical hustler life that you would never wish to encounter. They are so broke and lonely to an extent of opting for drugs as their only companion.

Yes, they earn alot but spend more than alot to see their fake lives flourish. It is only the few sensible ones that have managed to sketch a rightful living and typically, most those are artistes with limited publicity. I will break down a few of them, Mesach Ssemakula, Ronald Mayinja, Hajji Haruna, Godfrey Lutaaya, Bobi Wine.

Truth be told, their counterparts who should be doing better are struggling.

Our case study today is the self proclaimed music doctor Jose Chameleon.

Straight up, I will start biting him without hesitation because I have limited time for Idiocracy.

Did you know some city tycoon owns a building in the city centre out of money minted out of Chameleon’s hit songs. Yes the guys who imported Badilisha, Wale Wale and now Champion Clothes on streets. Do you remember the Chameleon mobile phone? This was a project that would have fetched the self proclaimed music doctor billions of Uganda Shillings enough to own a building on Kampala road if it was handled by experts (ask dbanj). Do you remember the Nile Special and Bell sponsorship deal saga that saw the giant companies drop him? Well, these are all deals gone bad out of Idiocracy.

Final verdict on Chameleon: If this self proclaimed music doctor was not living a  fake life, he would be one of the richest Ugandans. Agree or not. It’s a fact put forward.

Watchout for episode 2 of “How fake are Ugandan Musicians”.

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